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PHOTO GALLERY: The photo gallery is the first page that you will see upon entering the shopping cart. There are a lot of new features including music (which can be turned off if you prefer). This is your start page. You will also come back to the same page by clicking on the "Photo Gallery" link on the left. If you are a friend or relative (other than the main client) and you may wish to purchase individual image(s), albums etc. Click on the link "View Gallery" (lower left). You will see your options on the left side of the page. You may use these links to make your purchases. The pricing and information for standard enlargements and bulk standard wallets are also listed here (if it applies)(to purchase an album etc. you must use the appropriate link). Bulk wallet orders apply to the same image per bulk order. Simply click on "Additional Wallets" link, the image(s) you wish to purchase and click on the "Add/View" link & "Add to Cart" or proceed to checkout.

PERSONAL GALLERY LINK: Once you have "Logged-In", you will enter the "Photo Gallery" page. You will see your images across the bottom of the page. If you start your order and have to return to it later you can. Your order will be saved for you on your computer where you can pick up where you left off.

VIEW GALLERY: THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST VALUABLE OF THE FEATURES. When you click on the "View Gallery" link (bottom left) you will see a list folders (if available). These folders list available options (as they apply).

SHOPPING CART HELP BUTTON: This is the third button from the left. It will give you a lot additional help information about the shopping cart features. There is also a second "Help" link on the first page of the order form. It's across from the box marked "Unit Price" and below the "Preview" link on the right hand side.

MUSIC: This feature can be turned off if you chose. There are more music choices coming in the future. We try to include music of the seasons.

SLIDE SHOW: To start the slide show simply click the arrow at the center/bottom of the page. It will begin automatically. There is a seven second delay (which you can adjust) between images so please be patient.

SHIPPING & HANDLING / PICK UP OPTION: A one time shipping and handling fee will be applied to all invoices that are to be shipped upon completion. You may chose to pick up your order and save the shipping fee. Both of these options are in the check out area of the shopping cart.

ADDITIONAL IMAGES OPTIONS: Print Preservative Protection is a protective finish that is applied to your photographs. This finish helps to resist damage as a result of sunlight and air pollutants. It also allows the photographs that might be handled to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

: Credit card orders are handled through "Pay Pal". Simply follow the links to place your order. Your order may also be emailed by completing your order and then clicking on "Email order". You will receive a message: "Order successfully placed. Thank you. Click here to see your email order". When you click on the word "here" you will see your order.
We've tried to make the shopping cart as easy to use as possible and we realize it can still be confusing so here are some "tips" and suggestions that may answer your questions. If you have any questions that you can't get answered here or suggestions, please feel free to email us @ fotoimages@fotoimagesohio.com or phone us at 216-375-1092.
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"General Information" section of the shopping cart features.
An "Ordering Help& Tips" section.
General Ordering Information & Step by Step Help

# 1 Click on any image or item of your choice. You will see your chosen image.

# 2 Click on
"Add/View Cart" . Next to the word "Pack/Size/Item" Click on the pull down option and make your choice.

# 3 Click on "Tone" Click on the pull down option and make your choice.

# 4 Click on "Finish/Retouch" Click on the pull down option and make your choice.

# 5 Click on "Quantity" Click on the pull down option and make your choice.

# 6 Click on
"Add to Cart" (lower left side). You can now make one of two choices, either click on "Add To Cart" and continue adding images or items to your order or click on "View Cart" to review your order, make additional choices and /or proceed to checkout. (if you get a message "item already exists" click on view cart to see if you need to make changes)

"Tip": If you become confused at any point of the process click on the "Photo Gallery" link and you will come back to the starting location. From this or any screen you may click on "View Gallery" on the left side of the screen and choose from any listed links.

# 7 "Shipping and Handling": If you have completed shopping and wish to have the material shipped, simply leave the "Shipping and Handling" box as is. If you have completed shopping and wish to save the shipping fee and pick up your order, In the Shipping & Handling box click on "Pick Up-No Shipping". You can check out at this time by clicking on the "Check Out" link (lower right), filling in the required information and choosing the ordering option.  
# 8 Click on the "Check Out" link. Fill in your personal information. You may add comments etc. in the "Notes to Seller" box if you wish.
# 9 If you choose to email your order, the "View Terms and Conditions" box must be checked to proceed. Click on the "Email order" link. You will receive a message: "Order successfully placed. Thank you. Click here to see your email order". When you click on the word "here" you will see your order. We will review it, and if nessassary contact you before proceding with your order. 

"Tip": You may chose to Email your order if you have concerns about the assembly of your order. We will check it and if it's ok your done. If it needs an adjustment we will help you with it. This may be helpful before making a credit card purchase.

(if you change your mind simply click on the "
X" in the order successfully placed box and it will cancel your email order)

email: fotoimages@fotoimagesohio.com
fax: 425.790.8822
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